How To Participate In Our 30 Day Challenges

30 Day Challenges

If you are struggling to change your habits, position yourself for success in a fun, healthy and motivating way. Research shows that anonymous community based challenges have a higher rate of success versus individuals attempting to eat clean, lose weight or get fit on their own.

The difference with ours is you will focus on changing 1 specific habit.

Select 1 habit you want to incorporate or change based on the following categories which comprises of 100+ FREE challenges:




How does it work:

Each challenge will last 30 days. The activity that you choose to join will indicate whether it is required for daily, weekly or just 1 act within the 30 day period. Once you join, 30 day count is activated. At the end of the 30 day period you will indicate by selecting “yes” or “no” that you completed the challenge. We will tally a percentage of how many participates were successful.


You will be responsible to self monitor. You will be honest with yourself whether or not that you completed the challenge.

How to enroll:

Review the challenges. Select 1 challenge at any time by clicking ADD. You may also repeat challenges at any time.

Motivation AND results are accelerated when you take part in a group goal.

After you select a Challenge to participate in, click on the category your participating in and you will see ONGOING next to the challenge you selected.

Periodically log in to check when your done by visiting the category your challenge falls under, whether its clean eating, fitness or health. At the completion of 30 days you will be prompted to click “THUMBS UP” or “THUMBS DOWN” that you were successful or not.

Ongoing 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge Result

No one sees your results, only you do. For a future update we will report the total community success rate.

For our 30 day fitness workouts, access our home based fitness workouts now.

The act of participating in a group goal will inspire you to work on being successful. LOGIN to get started or JOIN HERE.