Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

Healthy Lunch For Work

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

In order to bring healthy foods into your daily diet try some of our delicious healthy ideas for lunch you can prepare for work.

Mediterranean Wraps

When you look at the diet of Mediterranean populations, they have some of the most rich and healthy foods available on the planet.

Many diets today are based on Mediterranean cuisine. Bring some of the Mediterranean cuisine into work with you with the help of Mediterranean wraps.

Stuff vegetable tortillas with strips of chicken, lemon, herbs, lettuce, tomato, mint, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, couscous and salt and pepper to create a filling and refreshing afternoon meal.

Lentil Soup With Curry

For individuals that are interested in more exotic foods, lentil soup with curry is a great way to speed up your metabolism and to have something warm and comforting to keep you going throughout the day.

This soup is inspired by traditional Indian cooking and it essentially includes seasonings that are great for your body such as cinnamon, cumin, and ginger.

Pasta Salad With Broccoli And Ham

One of the largest advantages to this amazing side dish is that it can be prepared well in advance and put in containers for you to easily bring to work.

With the combination of ham, broccoli, and rice pasta you will have a filling and low calorie lunch that you can enjoy.

If you want to add even more flavour, consider tossing in some red onions and raisins.

Tofu Salad

There are individuals who do not enjoy tofu, however once you try it in a delicious salad you may start to love tofu.

One of the largest benefits of tofu is that it is not only healthy, but it adapts to whatever flavour you cook it with. If you were to stir fry tofu with peanut sauce, it would emulate the flavour of the peanut sauce.

When you are throwing together your tofu salad, consider adding salad greens and onions to give the bean curd a delicious taste that will keep you wanting more.

Salmon Sandwich

Taking a twist on the traditional sandwich, instead of packing your sandwich with a variety of meats, replace it with tender and flavourful fish such as salmon.

Create the sandwich out of whole grain bread, lettuce, salmon, tomatoes, and dressing to create an amazing soft and comforting sandwich that you can enjoy during your lunch.

For even more of an interesting twist, combine it with a warm soup during the winter.

Sweet Potato Bisque

Everyone loves potatoes but although they are delicious, they can generally be fattening.

This is why dieticians praise sweet potatoes as a replacement for this traditional starchy vegetable.

A sweet potato soup is a delicious take on a typical West African dish that is perfect for cleansing your body. With the combination of hot green chilies, sweet potatoes, scallions, and peanuts, it is a soup that you will want to bring to work every day.

Chicken Salad

As one of the most common types of salad in the world, chicken salad is packed with protein and crisp vegetables that you can use to keep you healthy and satiated.

Simply cooking the chicken in chicken broth, and it will give it an ample amount of flavour.

You can even add other ingredients such as grapes and tarragon to give it an extra punch. Put it on whole grain bread or lettuce wraps to enjoy a crisp and clean meal.

Veggie Hoagies

Who says that you can’t enjoy your favourite sandwich for lunch? All that you have to do is eliminate the meat and pack on the vegetables!

Veggie hoagies are incredibly easy to make and they are enjoyed by every palate as you can pick and choose whatever you want to be placed on your sandwich.

Consider using ingredients such as red onion, balsamic vinegar, cheese, artichoke hearts, or even avocado to pack on as many vegetables as possible.

If you find that you want to add more to your meal, consider creating a tomato and cucumber salad to eat as a side.

Cold Spring Rolls

As an incredibly popular Thai side dish, cold spring rolls are perfect to include as part of your lunch at work.

They have an aromatic flavour that will make you feel as if you are eating something that is too delicious to be healthy.

Combine lettuce, carrots, parsley, rice noodles, and onions for a taste that you will never forget. You can also dip them in a Thai peanut sauce for an extra zing.

Access our list of clean eating recipes for additional ideas you can incorporate for healthy meals.

To learn more tips on how to change your eating habits permanently, click here.

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