30 Day Push Up Challenge (Download PDF)

Push Up Workout For Beginners

30 Day Push Up Challenge

Develop strong toned arms and upper body simply by doing standard push up exercises every day for 30 days.

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Scroll Below To See Full Instructions Along With Our Printable PDF For The 30 Day Push Up Challenge

1) Featuring 1 exercise Day 1 to Day 30

2) Instructions on how to perform a push up

3) Infographic with visual instructions to follow online

4) Print PDF available at the end of the infographic

The 30 Day Push Up Challenge Exercise Instructions

Day 1 15 PUSH UPS
Day 2 16 PUSH UPS
Day 3 17 PUSH UPS
Day 4 18 PUSH UPS
Day 6 19 PUSH UPS
Day 7 20 PUSH UPS
Day 8 21 PUSH UPS
Day 9 22 PUSH UPS
Day 11 23 PUSH UPS
Day 12 24 PUSH UPS
Day 13 25 PUSH UPS
Day 14 26 PUSH UPS
Day 16 27 PUSH UPS
Day 17 28 PUSH UPS
Day 18 29 PUSH UPS
Day 19 30 PUSH UPS
Day 21 31 PUSH UPS
Day 22 32 PUSH UPS
Day 23 33 PUSH UPS
Day 24 34 PUSH UPS
Day 26 35 PUSH UPS
Day 27 36 PUSH UPS
Day 28 37 PUSH UPS
Day 29 38 PUSH UPS

How To Do Push Ups


1) Place your hands flat on a mat with arms straight, abs tight, holding your body in a plank position

2) You may keep your legs straight or knees on the mat for a beginners variation

3) Lower your body to the floor with your chest an inch or two away from the floor

4) Now push your torso back up until your arms lock

5) Repeat until you perform the required exercises for the day

Push Ups For Beginners

The wider your arms are the better it is for you to execute a successful push up. If you are a beginner, perform the push up slowly.

If you find it easier, begin by balancing your knees on the exercise mat instead of your toes. Try not to lower your hips during a push up. If your lower back begins to hurt during the push up, stop and take a break.

Variations Of Advanced Push Ups

  • One Arm Push Up
  • T Push Up
  • Wide Grip Push Up
  • Incline Push Up
  • Decline Push Up

One Arm Push Up

A one arm push up strengthens the chest and triceps muscles and builds a strong core. The abdominal muscles and obliques have to work extra hard to keep the body stabilized while using one arm, therefore you must have sufficient strength to maintain the position.

T Push Up

The T push up requires the muscles to work much harder to balance the body during the exercise. It works the core muscles, chest, and shoulder at the same time, which does not happen often.

Wide Grip Push Up

The wide grip push up is more difficult than the standard push up. It targets the chest, triceps, and muscles in the front of the shoulder.

Incline Push Up

The incline push up is the standard push up targeting the chest, triceps, deltoids, and core muscles.

Decline Push Up

The decline push up is an advanced upper body exercise targeting the chest, shoulders, arms, and back. By placing the feet higher than the hands, the level of difficulty can be significantly increased by maintaining proper rigid body position requires significant strength and stability in the core, legs, and back.

Muscle Groups Targeted By Push Ups

  1. Arms
  2. Chest
  3. Shoulder
  4. Core
  5. Back


30 Day Push Up Challenge

Print PDF Below

Download 30 Day Push Up Challenge PDF Download PDF

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