Change In Seconds Founder

After spending a few years in the health and wellness industry, Rhonda expanded her career as founder of Change In Seconds, a healthy lifestyle website.

She is also the creator of Lifestyle Beats Diet™, a unique strategy for improving your lifestyle goals, while continuing to enjoy life.

Years ago, she worked as a professional model, competed as an athlete and had healthy habits in place that maintained her weight and fitness levels.

That all changed due to an unforeseen health concern. Overnight, she was forced to scale back her level of activity, her practice of preparing home cooked meals became the thing of the past …and the weight piled on.

Rhonda’s focus was health not a number on the scale. Her transformation was based on re establishing healthy habits by committing to gradual changes.

Feeding her body with real nutrition versus processed foods created the opportunity for vibrant health, coupled with short bursts of consistent exercise.

As founder of Change In Seconds, Rhonda writes to promote lifestyle changes that foster better habits in diet and activity, while helping others seamlessly discover the joys of healthy living.

“My industry has a high failure rate because the education is not there and my goal is to get people to stop with the quick fix expectations and focus on getting healthy with real food, right mindset and consistent exercise to achieve long term results.”

As a rapidly expanding venture, Change In Seconds, is designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle, with unique tips and tools available on the website and inside the Lifestyle Beats Diet™ program.

Lifestyle Beats Diet™, was developed to help you create long term results.

Check it out, thousands have, and are reaping the benefits of shifting gears away from unhealthy habits, to a lifestyle of everyday, healthy living.

Today, her healthy lifestyle is back in full swing. The Lifestyle Beats Diet™ strategy works and she knows it will do the same for you.

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