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  • Clean Eating Snacks

    160 Clean Eating Snacks

    About Clean Eating It is important to know what clean eating is and why it is important. Clean eating involves consuming foods in their most natural state, or as close to their natural state as possible. With that said, the preparation of the food also plays a role in clean eating. That makes clean eating […] More

  • Clean Eating Dinner Ideas

    50 Clean Eating Dinner Ideas For Easy And Delicious Meals

    Clean Eating Dinner Ideas While it’s easy to want to go out to a restaurant or grab convenience foods, but with planning, you will be able to quickly prepare healthy dinners from scratch using our compiled list of clean eating dinner ideas. Avoiding processed foods at dinnertime will end your day off on the right […] More

  • 55 Simple Clean Eating Lunch Ideas

    55 Simple Clean Eating Lunch Ideas

    Simple Clean Eating Lunch Ideas Just say no to the overpriced, badly wilted store bought salad, and yes to these 55 clean eating lunch recipes you can make in minutes—all while keeping you summer ready and feeling great! You will find healthy, delicious clean eating lunch recipes, compiled by the editors of Change In Seconds. The recipes are made […] More

  • Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas



    40 Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas

    Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas Do you want to start your day off right with a list of clean eating breakfast recipes you can rotate to make it easier for you to eat healthy? We have created the best list of clean eating breakfast ideas along with their recipes that are either gluten free, vegan or […] More

  • clean eating for beginners

    Clean Eating For Beginners | How To Eat Clean For Beginners

    Clean Eating For Beginners: How To Get Started To keep you from feeling overwhelmed a step by step clean eating for beginners resource is available for you that will get you started in the right path. Access our content featuring what is clean eating, how to get started, tips on consuming whole foods vs processed […] More

  • Best Clean Eating Packaged Foods

    Top Clean Eating Packaged Foods

    Clean Eating Packaged Foods Your ready to start your journey to adopt a clean eating healthy lifestyle, however, which packaged foods should you incorporate into your new lifestyle to insure your ingesting healthy ingredients? OUR CRITERIA – To make this list, the packaged food must incorporate clean ingredients and adhere to either gluten free, vegan […] More

  • Clean Eating Food Substitutions

    300 Clean Eating Food Substitutions

    Clean Eating Substitution Chart Almost any recipe can be converted to a clean meal by focusing on real ingredients. Go for fresh and dry ingredients as much as possible versus canned versions. See below a list of common processed food and ingredients with healthy substitutions. Share Share on Twitter Table Salt Substitute SEA SALT, CELTIC SALT, […] More

  • 100 Kitchen Essentials For Clean Eating

    Gift Guide: 100+ Kitchen Essentials For Clean Eating

    CLEAN EATING KITCHEN TOOLS Below is a list of top 100+ items that my team at Change In Seconds personally use as key tools in the kitchen. Discover what we recommend and why. Conveniently browse our list for house warming gifts, weddings and of course for yourself. Use these amazing tools while adopting the clean eating lifestyle! THE BEST […] More

  • Free BMI Calculator

    Free BMI Calculator (Check Your Body Fat Percentage)

    Why Calculate Your BMI Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important to help you avoid serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, coronary vascular disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and cancer. In women, being overweight contributes to an increased risk for a variety […] More

  • How To Start Eating Clean With 3 Steps

    How To Start Eating Clean With 3 Steps

    How To Start Eating Clean After reading, what Is clean eating, you may ask yourself how do I go from my current diet to clean eating without feeling overwhelmed? The best way to start is to take baby steps. Read below the steps we suggest to get you started: Step 1: Do A Thorough Audit […] More

  • 7 Day No Junk Food Challenge

    7 Day No Junk Food Challenge

    No Junk Food Challenge Do you need help to stop snacking late at night? To conquer cravings once and for all in order for you to adopt clean eating habits, I have good news. We are about to give you a plan that will assist you to adopt better eating habits! The typical American diet contains […] More

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