How To Do Push Ups Correctly At Home For Beginners

Ho To Do Push Ups Correctly

How To Do Push Ups 

See below instructions, workouts and video demonstration on how to do push ups correctly.

What Is A Push Up

Push ups is a  universal exercise that simply works.

It is an exercise in which you are on an exercise mat in a plank position, keeping your back straight.

At this point you lower your body down keeping your back straight and eyes focused about three feet in front of you as you keep a neutral neck—until your chest grazes the floor.

Push Up Benefits

1) Have limited time? A 5 minute push up can result in a full-body workout! Try variations with different hand and feet placements to target muscles from different angles.

2) It increases strength

3) Enhances your cardiovascular system

4) Increases muscle definition

5) Improves posture

6) Prevents lower back pain

7) Prevents shoulder injuries

Muscles Used For Push Ups

Although seen as an upper body exercise, push ups based on different variations, are a bodyweight workout that can actually strengthen your entire body!

Can You Do Push Ups Everyday? 

Yes you can. Try our 30 Day Push Up Challenge.

How To Do A Push Up If You Can’t 

In order to do push ups properly, you must develop muscles in your arms, chest, back and abs.

If you have trouble doing push ups, try the following kneeling push up routine so you can do a set of regular push ups.

Kneeling Push Ups Instructions

1) Get on an exercise mat as if you are about to do a push up, instead your on your knees and lift your legs up behind you.

2) Shift your body forward until you are in kneeling plank position.

3) Bend your elbows slowly and lower your chest. Keep your neck straight not bent downward.

4) Lower down until you are almost to the mat, as far as you can.

5) Pause for a few seconds, then push up until your arms are straight.

6) Do 5 to 10 kneeling push ups with few second pauses in between.

7) Do kneeling push ups every day. Once you start building up your chest and upper body muscles, you can start to perform push ups every day.

How To Get Good At Push Ups

  1. Tighten your core.
  2. Squeeze your glutes.
  3. Position your elbows so have less space between your elbow and armpit.
  4. Place thumbs facing each other.
  5. Push the floor away from you so you engage more muscles.

Modified Push Up: Girl Push Up

1) Begin with your chest on the ground.

2) Pull your feet toward your butt, placing your knees on the floor.

3) Tighten your core.

4) Press slowly up through your hands to fully extend the elbows.

5) Slowly flex the elbows to lower your body back toward the floor to starting position.

6) Pause when your upper arms are parallel to the floor.

7) Repeat the sequence.

Modified Push Up: Wide Leg Push Ups

Wide leg push ups are easier than regular push ups.

With the placement of your legs spread wide makes core stabilization a lot easier and in some cases decreases the range of motion of the pushup, making it easier.

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