Food Journal By CIS

After you LOGIN click on the left panel to access the FOOD JOURNAL. Click on the black circle with the text, CLICK TO TRACK YOUR EATING HABITS to access the Food Journal.

We have populated the fields with generic description. Click on each section and record what applies to you.

Near the bottom click on the icon that applies to you pertaining to “HOW DID I DO TODAY”.

Click SUBMIT at the bottom.

Use the JOURNAL every day for as long as you need to, to assist you in developing healthy eating habits.

Dieting and counting calories is not necessary when you increase your consumption of whole foods versus diet, processed or fake foods.

You will learn to make better choices gradually.

Access The Following Resource To Get Started

Clean Eating Resource For Beginners

An excellent compliment to our program, this amazing tool save recipes, builds meal plans and automatically generates grocery lists:

Try It Now

As you flood your body with real nutrition you will gain more energy, healthier skin and nails, better control over your appetite and a slimmer waistline!