How To Stop Late Night Snacking With 6 Tips That Work

Stop Late Night Snacking

How To Stop Late Night Snacking

Do you often find yourself raiding your own fridge after midnight? Or snacking in the kitchen late at night? How can you stop late night snacking?

Late night snacking can cause serious weight gain especially if you eat a huge meal and go right to bed. Your body will store the extra calories as fat instead of processing and burning them.

Is it your fault you snack at night? No. It most likely may be due to a hormone imbalance.

Read on to learn a few simple lifestyle changes that can help you stop those late night cravings along with a list of healthy snacks.

We will also tip you off to some supplements that can help.

Balance Your Hormones With Food

As women we certainly understand when our hormones are not balanced it creates havoc with energy, metabolism, digestion, sex drive, and our appearance.

Our bodies need a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat. However, fat is the most important nutrient for hormonal balance and cholesterol and certain fatty acids play an important role.

Examples of foods to incorporate into your diet are:

Organic meat protein such as eggs, chicken, fish, beef or turkey.

Vegetarian protein such as quinoa, brown rice, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.

Healthy fats such as coconut, hemp, flax, avocados, almond and olive oil.

Antioxidant vegetables from dark green to brightly coloured vegetables to your starchy veggies such as sweet potatoes.

Why Breakfast Is Key

Breakfast is your most important meal to keep your metabolism humming.

Consume a breakfast that incorporates all major food groups to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Try a breakfast shake with kale, organic seeds, berries, small banana and healthy oil (flax or coconut) with coconut or almond milk.

Eat During The Day

Why do we often eat late at night? Because we do not consume the nutrients we need during the day.

You must eat throughout the day to keep your metabolism up to support fat burning.

Do your best to eat three meals a day (including breakfast). Concentrate on creating balance in your diet. Include protein and healthy fat with every meal.

Try eating dinner filled with fiber to feel full. Do your best to stay hydrated throughout the day.

To keep better track of what you consume each day, keep a food journal. If you do feel hungry after dinner, go for some unsweetened, herbal tea.

If you can’t completely eliminate soda or alcohol, then try to reduce consumption gradually.

Close Down The Kitchen And Opt For Distractions

Make a pact with yourself. After dinner, close down your kitchen for the night.

Do the dishes and put everything away. Straighten things up if you need to.

Anything that will help you to stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the night.

Then, look for distractions. Use the time between dinner and bed to take a walk, do a workout at home or go to a studio, read a book or enjoy family time. Just do something you enjoy.

Try Some Natural Supplements For Cravings

There are a few natural supplements out there that can help to curb cravings. Here are just a few that we highly recommend:

  • Chromium
  • Lipoic acid
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
  • Vitamin D
  • Super fiber supplements
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

In all cases, these supplements are totally natural. They can balance hormones, cut cravings, and even help you to lose weight.

Just remember to consult your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

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