How To Do Donkey Kicks Exercise

How To Do Donkey Kicks Exercises

How To Do Donkey Kicks Exercise

See below instructions, FREE workout and Video demonstration on wow to do the donkey kick exercise.

What Is A Donkey Kick Exercise

Get ready for this lower body exercise for some serious toning. The donkey kick requires that you get on all fours on a mat. Place your hands under your shoulders.

Lift right leg with knee bent 90 degrees, flex right foot and lift knee to hip level. Lower knee without touching floor and lift again.

What Muscles Does The Donkey Kick Exercise Work On



Lower Back


What Does Donkey Kicks Do For Your Body

By keeping your upper body still for support, the donkey kick works your core, lower back, legs and butt. Toning your glutes will make your butt appear rounder and larger.

Along with a healthy dietcardio workouts and anaerobic exercises, the donkey kick exercise while targeting your butt, and strengthening your core, will also reduce fat and cellulite.

Free Workout That Incorporates The Donkey Kick

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Donkey Kick Video Demonstration

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