Practical Weight Loss Tips In The Kitchen

weight loss tips in kitchen

Weight Loss Tips In The Kitchen

Losing weight can be very hard. We have all been there. Making a few changes in your kitchen can go a long way to assisting you with your weight loss goals.

We have compiled a list of tips. By rearranging your kitchen it will foster healthier eating habits.

  • Throw It Out: People tend to eat what is easier to access. Get rid of the excess junk food you have in your fridge or pantry.
  • Put It Away: Place your left overs in single serving containers in the fridge and freezer to control your portion size.
  • Plan Ahead: Step away from the takeout. Plan your meals in advance so you will not be tempted to order something unhealthy. Plan each of your meals and snacks in advance. Portion out your meals in single serving size containers. Make a list when shopping at the grocery store and get only what you need. Make your meals in advance, too, if needed.
  • Watch The Extra Calories: Do not place serving pots directly on the dinner table. Prepare each plate and place it on the table. People tend to eat what is in front of them. If they want another helping then they will have to get it from the kitchen.
  • Go Smaller & Taller: Research shows that your plate size and glass size can make a big difference in your quest to control your calories. Select smaller plates when eating and go for a taller versus wider glass when consuming beverages that are high in calories.
  • Keep Healthy Snacks Visible: If you keep healthy snacks visible they will tend to be eaten first. Place fruit in a bowl on the counter. Have things like chopped veggies and fruits in your fridge in clear containers for snacks. You can even make ready-to-use smoothie bags and freeze it for quick access.
  • Go Natural: Eliminate white products as much as possible i.e white flour, white sugar and white pasta. Instead, select whole grain options and natural sugars such as brown rice sugar, raw or organic honey, stevia or agave nectar.
  • Go Fresh: Go for fresh colourful foods you can prepare to ensure you are getting good nutrition as often as possible.

Try all these tips for just a month in your kitchen until it becomes a habit. These tips for your kitchen will have you eating better and feeling healthier.

Super charge your weight loss results today by making just a few simple changes.

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