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Imagine an app that allows you to browse & save recipes online, build your meal plan to a calendar (1 week or up to a month you decide), organize on the go AND automatically generate grocery lists week after week! You can easily access specialty diet recipes based on category. It’s that convenient. An app that saves you time & money while eating healthier!

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Meal planning is a very important component in Change In Seconds message as a very necessary step in eating healthy consistently. 

Meal planning is basically planning meals in advance. Whether you prep once a week or a certain day of the week, its about creating a menu of meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner that best fit your lifestyle. 

Key Benefits To A Good Meal Planner

  1. Keeps costs down – (less likely to engage in impulsive shopping)
  2. Saves time –  (a tool that generates a grocery list for you means you will be an organized shopper)
  3. Reduces stress – (imagine you no longer have to worry what is for dinner)
  4. Streamline your grocery trip – (get you in and out of the store quickly since your organized)
  5. Spend less time in the kitchen – (a good meal planner allows you to cook in batches by preparing multiple meals at one time).
  6. Waste less food – (without a meal plan a lot of food is thrown away that you don’t need or you simply bought too much)
  7. Results in healthier habits – (when you know what you are going to eat for dinner, you are far less likely to head to the drive-through)

Meal planning, as beneficial as it is, takes effort. From researching recipes, deciding what to make, creating a grocery list and keeping a record of all the details it takes time and can be exhausting. Since there is some work required you may end of picking up a convenient, unhealthy food instead.

Don’t worry there is an easier way.

Today due to the internet there are resources available that make meal planning manageable.

Change In Seconds currently recommends plan to eat that provides features that are a great compliment to our FREE healthy living program.

Plan To Eat Review (Online Planner & Grocery Builder)

Plan to Eat is a online meal planner and grocery list builder that organizes recipes you import based on your needs. A neat feature is that YOU control the recipes you include as part of your weekly meal plan.

STEP 1: Join Plan To Eat

STEP 2: Import Recipes 4 Ways

  1. Install plan to eat recipe clipper
  2. Add url for recipe from web
  3. Add recipe by hand
  4. Invite friends to share recipes with you

Plan To Eat Import Recipes

It’s a great tool to find recipes online and save them.

After you save a recipe to your group of recipes you have the option to queue it for a future meal plan or add it to your current meal plan by clicking “plan”.

Plan To Eat Import Recipe From Web

Once your recipes are imported you can view them by using filters provided by Plan to Eat. You can search by ingredients, course, rating, cooking time, search by web and more. If you search by ingredients that’s already in your pantry, you can create a meal plan. This is a very cool feature and can save you time and money.

Plan To Eat View Recipes

Recipes Saved To Pinterest vs Plan To Eat

  1. Pinterest does not generate a meal plan or grocery list from the recipes you save. Plan to Eat does.
  2. Pinterest does not filter your recipes for you. So if you have saved 200 recipes you need to scroll through 200 recipes. Plan to Eat makes it very easy to find all your recipes.

Plan to Eat takes saving recipes to a whole new level.

STEP 3: Drag And Drop Recipes Into Meal Planner Calendar

After your recipes are imported you can drag and drop them into the meal planning calendar. This is where the magic begins. On the left are your recipes. Drag and drop the recipes you want to use into your calendar. This is very easy to do, especially if you have recipes queued. However, even when you don’t you can throw together a meal plan pretty quickly using the filters.

Plan To Eat Calendar

So for example, if you save 100 recipes to your Plan to Eat account and click on the cook section, you will see a list of websites you imported recipes from. 

STEP 4: Automated Grocery Lists Created Based On Your Meal Plan (See Short Video Below)

After your meal plan is created you can generate a grocery list based on those recipes. There is also a place to organize ingredients you already have in your kitchen What I like about their grocery list feature is you can add other items you need to the list.

Plan to Eat has tons of features and honestly the possibilities are pretty awesome. I recommend taking some time to check out their site and see for yourself everything their website has to offer.

The Pros:

  • You can create meal plans based on recipes you choose.
  • You can import and save any recipe.
  • You can scale down any recipe to fit the size of your household.
  • You can adjust ingredients and directions.
  • You can keep track of nutrition information.
  • Your grocery list reflects the ingredients.
  • You can organize your grocery list based on grocery stores.
  • You can organize your grocery list based on categories.
  • You can add items to your grocery list.
  • You can restore your list to the original state at a press of a button.
  • You can print your shopping list or access it on your phone.
  • There are tons of features to help you prepare a meal plan that completely meets your needs.
  • They offer a 30-day free trial period.

The Cons:

  • Just like Pinterest you need to import recipes from the web.
  • There is a slight learning curve. However, their help section, includes videos, and a blog to help you get the most out of their service.

Plan to eat is perfect for someone who wants to prepare meals plans based on recipes they choose. The features and tools Plan to Eat provides help people create customized meal plans that meet their dietary needs.

If you want more control over your meal planning then take a look at Plan to Eat.

Read more about Plan to Eat on their website

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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