Inner Thigh Workout Will Tone Your Legs Like Crazy (PDF & Video)

Inner Thigh Workout

Inner Thigh Workout For Beginners

Inner thigh workout…..

Frog Bends 2 sets with 15 reps

Bent Leg Openers 2 sets with 15 reps

Inner Thigh Inner Piques 2 sets with 15 reps EL

Reverse Clam Shell 2 sets with 15 reps ES

Scroll Below To See Written & Video Instructions Along With Our Printable PDF For The Inner Thigh Workout For Beginners & More!

1) 4 exercises plus cardio plan for increased fat loss

2) Instructions on how to perform each exercise

3) Infographic with visual instructions to follow online

4) Print PDF available at the end of the infographic

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10 Tips To Get Amazing Results 

1) Learn how to eat healthy

2) Pick healthier options for breakfast

3) Don’t stock junk food in the pantry

4) Print 7 day keto meal plan & cheat sheet

5) Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to boost fiber intake

6) Print 10 week workout below and do the workout

7) Consume mostly water and cut down on alcohol

8) Print healthy eating grocery list and shop smart

9) Print meal plan template or use meal planning app to keep you organized

10) Prep your meals

Inner Thigh Workout Instructions

Frog Bends 2 sets with 15 reps

Bent Leg Openers 2 sets with 15 reps

Inner Thigh Inner Piques 2 sets with 15 reps EL

Reverse Clam Shell 2 sets with 15 reps ES

Combine With Highly Effective Cardio 

Kick your cardio into high gear with this simple workout called the fat blasting cardio workout.

How To Do Frog Bends

Lie faceup with legs extended straight over hips, feet flexed, heels together, and toes turned out. Slowly bend knees out to the sides, and then straighten, using your inner-thigh muscles to control the movement.

6) Pause then squeeze your glutes as you move back to the starting position.

How To Do Bent Leg Openers

Lie down on a mat on your back.  Lift legs in the air bent until both knees and hips flexed to 90 degrees. Open legs wide and move them back to the center.

How To Do Inner Thigh Inner Piques

This ballet-inspired move from certified trainer Teri Jory, Ph.D., strengthens and tones your inner-thighs while also increasing extension and flexion in your opposite hip. This makes it easier for your hips and knees to flex, rotate, and elongate like they’re designed to do without pain or injury.

To do it: Stand with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, holding onto a chair or wall for support (if needed). Extend right leg and cross it over to left side of body, squeezing inner thighs and rotating heel up. Shift left hip to the side as far as possible and then begin the piqués: raise right foot up as high as possible and then quickly touch toes to the ground (try only tapping the baby toe on the floor if possible). Do 10 reps; repeat on opposite side (for best results, Jory recommends working up to 50 reps per side).

How To Do Reverse Clam Shell

Certified Pilates instructor Lisa Johnson loves this thigh-toning move because it’s nearly impossible to cheat. “Because of the roundness of the ball, you have to ‘clamp’ down in the right way, which ensures that you’re really focusing on the inner thigh,” she says. “I also love that you never get too strong for it—just squeeze harder and you’ll keep feeling the training effects.”

To do it: Place a squishy ball or pillow between your legs and lie on your side, arm cradling head and knees bent. Inhale and on the exhale, press the top knee down with force into the ball and hold for 4 counts. Inhale to release. Do 12 to 15 reps; repeat on the other side.

Print PDF below for the inner thigh workout for beginners!

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