SEE YOUR STATS is a dynamic, highly visual, interactive tool that updates instantly.

It features the following:

Days Recorded Score

How many days you tracked your 6 daily habits to date. (updated instantly)

Inches Lost

Once you activate the Body Tracker you will have the opportunity to take your waist measurement each month.

Your progress can also be seen on the Body Chart within the Body Tracker section. In your first month (see example of image above for a member’s first month of tracking).

Once you activate the Body Tracker, the following month when you take your measurement again, the result will be visible on the chart. (updated instantly)

Please note the community HIGHEST RESULT is calculated for Days Recorded and the community 30 DAY AVERAGE is reported for Inches Lost.


This tool awards you with points for executing the following actions:

  1. 30 days in row – receive 10 points each time you remain in the community score top 10 for 30 consecutive days
  2. Track daily score for first 10 days from join date – receive 5 points
  3. Workout first 10 days from join date – receive 3 points
  4. Use body tracker at least once – receive 3 points

Bonus points update as the event occurs and it also appears on the Community Score board if you are in the top 25.

Your Daily Points Average

This cool feature lets you know how you are doing each day you record your daily score points.

The maximum total points daily average you can earn each day is 14. (updated instantly)

Please See Breakdown Below

Diet – Earn a maximum of 6 points per day

Exercise – Earn a maximum of 2 points per day

Water – Earn a maximum of 2 points per day

Sleep – Earn a maximum of 2 points per day

Mindset – Earn a maximum of 1 point per day

Health 1 – Earn a maximum of 1 point per day

We will report instantly your score for the following:



SEE YOUR STATS is designed to enhance your motivation so you keep going. Does not matter if you miss a day or even a week just get back on track and you will start to see and feel the benefits.