How To Get Prepared

The program is based on mindset, clean nutrition and fitness. Review game rules then read below on how to get prepared so you have the right tools to create healthy lifestyle habits!


To start the right way you need to be mentally ready. Get rid of negative thoughts or influences and go at your own pace.

Learn the difference between lifestyle goals versus a quick fix. A mindset based on achieving long term results always wins.

If you need to focus on changing 1 habit for now, try one of our 30 day challenges or just track your eating habits NOT calories using our food journal.

If you are ready to track your 6 daily habits, we designed a visual daily score and progress platform to make it easy.

Clean Nutrition

The premise of the program is to adopt or maintain a clean eating lifestyle with tools so you can achieve the habit long term.

See step #2 rule for nutrition HERE. Once you got the rules sorted for nutrition go below to access 3 resources to get you started.

How To Eat Clean Beginners Resource

The following resource is loaded with tons of information from what is clean eating, how to eat clean, grocery list, meal prep, food substitutions, recipes, packaged foods, online meal planner, subscription boxes, fresh meal delivery services and more.

Access our clean eating beginners resource to get started in the right path.

Basic Nutrition Instructions

Get rid of processed and junk food. Stock your fridge and pantry with foods that resemble its original state.

You can literally have your favourite snacks but the difference is, it has to be prepared with real ingredients, no artificial or processed ingredients.

Visit healthy recipes for tons of gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or paleo options.

Strive for home cooked meals. However, we all live in the real world, therefore, research natural health cafes, markets or restaurants that prepare clean ingredient meals or minimally processed meals, snacks or beverages.

Focus on natural ingredients. Freshly squeezed juices. Green smoothies. Cacao shake (raw cacao is healthier than regular cocoa).

Fresh salads with salad dressing made with natural ingredients combined with wild salmon, grilled chicken, brown rice or quinoa.

Try sandwiches with 100% whole grain bread, soups high in fiber, full entrees, you name it, at natural foods restaurants or market.

Ask questions. Inquire about the ingredients. You have options. Remember make this work for your lifestyle and make changes slowly.

Make sure you have enough food in your home so that you can readily access ingredients to make a clean meal. Prepare meals in batches and freeze it. Prepare containers of meals in the fridge for a week.

If you are doing the 8 week transition nutrition plan just focus on having the items in your home or remove items from your home for the applicable week. Your focus is to transition 1 week at a time.


The program is designed to get you moving! Track a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise daily.

Pick an activity that you can do now. Make sure you consult with your doctor first as to what you can currently do 10 mins a day.

Need extra motivation? Try 1 of our thirty day fitness challenges. The software will make you accountable so you stick with it!

Access our home exercise routines you can print.

Once your ready to go LOGIN and start tracking by visiting our daily score, food journal, body tracker or participate in a 30 day challenge!