How To Record Daily Score
EVERY DAY OF THE PROGRAM YOU WILL RECORD YOUR SCORE ON THE FOLLOWING DAY – no later then 8 pm your local time, based on the game rules see step 2 & 3.

Therefore after you completed Day 1, you will log in your points on Day 2, no later than 8 pm cut off.

After you record your points using the app, click SAVE. Your points are updated instantly on the PROGRESS CHART.

If you miss the cut off time you will not be able to record your points for the missed day.

Day 1 to Day 30 is based on a 30 day period equivalent to your join date.

If you wait a week to start tracking after your join date your first day of tracking will appear on Day 8.

After your 30 day period is complete it starts from Day 1 again. However Day 1 points following the completion of your 30 day cycle will update the following day not instantly by 5 pm PST.

How To Record Your Points

1) record anywhere from 1 to 6 points for DIET. Each time you break a nutrition rule based on the level you selected you will lose a point.

How to lose diet points based on level selected:

8 week transition example: If you are following week 3, you are required to “not eat any fast food or deep fried food”. For any meal you do not follow the rule, deduct a point.

80/20 concept example: You are required to eat 100% whole food meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with 1 not so healthy snack per day. If you indulge in any additional unhealthy meal, snack or beverage subtract a point each time you do it during the day.

2) did you perform a minimum of 10 mins of exercise check (Yes or No)

3) did you drink your required amount of water check (Yes or No)

4) did you sleep a minimum of 7 hours the night before check (Yes or No)

5) did you engage in any negative thoughts  check (Yes or No)

6) did you take care of yourself, relaxed, meditate, took a walk, a health supplement, massage etc check (Yes or No)

Please remember this is designed to help you develop better habits. Do not beat yourself up when you lose points, miss days or weeks. It’s ok. We’re not perfect. Just work on it at a pace that works for you.

Each time you record your points on the Daily Score page, go to the top right corner, then CLICK on YOUR PROGRESS to see your score.