Body Tracker Measure Your Waist

The body tracker is a great tool to track your fat loss visually. You will have the opportunity once a month to record your waist measurement.

Your results will appear on the Body Chart (inside the Body Tracker) and our See Your Stats chart as it updates.

Once you have taken your first measurement the software will provide the date of when you can take your next measurement.

The software will allow you to take your next measurement on the scheduled date any time after 5 pm PST.

Most people judge weight loss by standing on a scale. However the #1 method for measuring your progress is to take your measurements once a month. Here’s why:

a) Your weight will fluctuate therefore using a scale is pointless

b) Muscle weighs more than fat, yet takes up less space compared to fat

If your waist is consistently getting smaller, you’re making progress. It is the best measurement of focus for fat loss which translates into lower risk for heart disease and diabetes.

See below a body chart measurement result for a member who lost 2 inches on her waist in 1 month.

Body Chart