The 25 Minute Workout No Gym No Equipment (Download PDF)

25 Minute Workout

25 Minute Workout At Home

Have fun with the 25 minute workout at home. Its designed to get you results!

Benefits Of The 25 Minute Workout

  • Its quick
  • Weight loss
  • Circuit training
  • Easy workout plan for beginners
  • Full body workout you can do in your living room
  • Workout in a gym or your home or during lunch break
  • No equipment required
  • Builds muscle and immense strength

The 25 minute workout is a fantastic cardio, high intensity, tabata workout that creates amazing toning!

Scroll Below To See Complete Instructions For Our Printable PDF For Our 25 Minute Workout

1)  18 exercises

2) 25 minute workout infographic with instructions to follow online

3) Print PDF available at the end of the infographic

Perform each of the following exercises. Print both infographics and review videos where applicable.

How To Do Jumping Jacks

1) Begin in the starting position, standing with your feet together and your arms resting at your sides.

2)  Let your knees bend slightly to initiate the movement and jump up, landing with your feet spread apart.

3) As you jump, extend your arms outwards and upwards over your head, allowing your hands to meet in the middle.

4) To complete a full rep, jump your feet back to center, and return your arms back down to your sides, ending in your original position.

How To Do Squats

1)  Face forward and keep your feet parted at hip’s width, while letting your arms rest at your sides.

2) Keep your gaze forward, and lower your body down into a squat position, initiating the movement at the hips, not the knees.

3) You can cross your arms in front of your chest, place your hands at your hips, or reach your arms straight out to maintain your balance while you squat.

4)  Engage your glutes and core muscles throughout the movement, and don’t arch or hunch your back, ensuring that your spine remains in a neutral position.

5) Lower yourself down until your hips fall slightly below your knees, while making sure that your toes and knees maintain their 90-degree angle.

6) Hold the position for a count when you reach the bottom, then push through your heels and engage your glute muscles as you lift yourself up to the standing starting position again.

Squats Video Demonstration

See how to do a squat correctly VIDEO.

How To Do Push Ups

1) Align your body in a raised plank position, with your arms straight below you, and your hands flat on the ground.

Keep your back straight, and avoid dipping your hips or arching your spine. If desired, perform this movement on an exercise mat for extra padding.

2) For beginners, keep your knees on the ground throughout the exercise to lighten the weight. Otherwise, stay on your hands and toes with your legs stretched out behind you.

3) Bend your arms at the elbow and lower yourself down to the mat in a controlled motion, pausing before your torso reaches the floor.

4) Engage your muscles as you reverse the motion, straightening your arms until your body is raised back into the starting position.

5) After completing a full push-up, repeat for as many reps as desired, maintaining proper form throughout.

Push Up Video Demonstration

See how to do push ups correctly VIDEO.

How To Do Planks

1) Begin by getting into a push-up position on an exercise mat, supporting your weight on your hands and toes, with your arms just a bit wider than shoulder width.

2) Keeping your toes on the floor, lower your torso down to allow your bodyweight to rest on your forearms, with your elbows bent rather than straight.

3) Engage the muscles in your core, abs, and glutes to maintain your form, keeping your back straight and your body aligned.

4) Maintain the plank position for as long as possible, keeping your weight on your toes and forearms, and using a timer if needed.

Plank Exercise Video Demonstration

See how to do a plank correctly VIDEO.

How To Do Supermans

1) Lie face down on a mat (resting on your stomach) and position your body in a straight line, with your arms stretched out in front of you, and your your legs stretched out behind you.

Lift your chin a few inches above the floor, and keep your neck and head facing forwards.

2) When ready, raise your arms, chest, and legs above the floor at the same time, in a single fluid motion.

Your torso will remain on the floor, with your limbs elevated above ground as high as you can manage, forming a “flying” position, or a curved “bowl” shape with your body.

3)  Hold the Superman position steady for about 2-5 counts, then return to your starting position on the mat to complete the rep.

How To Do Knee Highs

1) Face forward with your feet below your hips and a slight bend to your knees.

2) Quickly lift your right knee up to your torso, then immediately switch sides and and raise your left leg up, going back and forth to create a hopping motion as you jog in place.

3) Shift back and forth as rapidly as you can, keeping your core tight as you drive your knees up towards your chest.

4) Hold your hands above waist level and let your knees tap your palms as you go, in order to make sure that your lifting your legs high enough during the exercise.

How To Do Speed Skaters

1)  Stand facing forwards, and step out sidewise with your right leg, bending slightly at the waist, and transferring your weight onto your right foot as it touches down.

2) Cross your left leg behind your right leg in a sweeping motion, tapping your left toe lightly on the ground, without putting your weight on it.

3) As you cross one leg behind the other, bring one arm out in front of you and sweep the other behind you, letting your arms mimic the motion of your legs while aiding in balance.

4) After you tap your toe, step out wide with your left leg, transferring your weight onto your left foot as it touches the ground, and then cross your right leg behind to tap your toe.

5) Repeat the side-to-side motion for as many reps as desired, keeping as brisk a pace as you can for about half a minute.

After completing the desired interval, pause for a break, then continue to repeat and rest for as many intervals as desired.

How To Do Tricep Dips

1) Sit on a sturdy raised surface, such as a workout bench or chair, with your feet flat on the ground, and your hands underneath you.

Scoot forward so that your legs are no longer touching the bench, supporting your weight on your hands.

2) Keep your legs stretched out straight in front of you for a more challenging exercise, or bend your knees slightly to modify the movement for a beginner level.

Make sure to avoid locking your elbows as you support your weight.

3) When ready, bend your elbows, lowering your body downwards in a controlled movement with your hips steady and core engaged.

4) Once your arms have formed a 90-degree angle, straighten your arms back out, pushing against the bench to raise your body back up to the starting position.

Repeat the motion to complete as many reps as desired.

How To Do Bicycle Sit Ups

See VIDEO instructions on how to do sit ups correctly.

1) Lie on your back on a yoga mat, and raise your legs up, keeping a bend to the knees.

Bend your elbows and place your hands behind your neck, lifting your head and shoulders slightly.

2) Twist your torso and bring your left knee in so that it can touch your right elbow.

Make sure to breath as you perform the movement, inhaling as you tighten your abs, and exhaling as you reach across.

3)  After tapping your elbow to the opposite knee, switch sides and repeat the movement.

Complete the desired number of reps at a brisk and steady pace, keeping a smooth and controlled motion.

How To Do Bridges

1) Lay on your back on an exercise mat, with your knees bent so that your feet can rest flat on the floor.

Keep your arms flat on the floor at either side of your body.

2) To initiate the movement, engage your muscles and push your hips upwards towards the ceiling, continuing the lift until your lower and mid back are no longer toughing the floor.

3) Once your hips are raised as high as you can manage, focus on lengthening the pose by directing your knees forwards instead of out to the sides.

Then let your hands meet on the floor underneath you to increase the stretch.

4) After holding the bridge in place for the desired length of time, slowly reverse the movement to lower yourself back to the starting position, and repeat.

How To Do Mountain Climbers

1) Place your hands on a yoga mat and get into a plank position, keeping your arms in a straight line below your shoulders, and your legs extended out behind you.

2) Bring your right knee in towards your chest, bending your leg as you draw it in, and keeping your core muscles engaged.

3) Once your knee reaches your torso, stretch your right leg back out and repeat the movement on the other side, bringing your left knee in towards your chest.

4) Complete as many reps as desired, switching back and forth while continuously engaging the muscles in your upper, lower body, and core for a full body toning exercise.

How To Do Side Lunges

1) Begin by standing facing forwards, with your feet together and your hands at your sides.

2) Starting with your right leg, step sidewise towards the right in a long, wide motion.

3) As your right foot touches the floor, shift your weight onto it, bending your right knee to lower your body down into a side lunge.

Do not allow your knee to reach beyond your toes, and maintain a straight line with your left leg.

4) To finish the rep, squeeze through your glutes and push against your right foot, digging your heel against the floor to raise yourself back up to the center starting position.

Side Lunges Video Demonstration

See how to do a side lunge VIDEO.

How To Do Burpees

1) Stand facing forward, and lower your body down into a low squat.

2) Place both hands flat on the floor in front of you, and hop your feet back behind you, supporting your weight on your hands and toes.

3) While in place, complete a push up by lowering your body down and up.

4) Jump both feet back into the center to meet your hands, returning to a squat position.

5) Finish the burpee by springing up vertically into a jump, ending in a standing position while facing forward.

How To Do Lunges

1) Stand facing forward, keeping your gaze straight ahead, and making sure not to hunch your back or shoulders.

2) Engage your core muscles, and take a large step in front of you with your left leg, bending both knees so that your body can sink into the lunge.

Keep your left knee aligned with your foot, and allow both legs to form a right angle, without your back knee touching the ground.

3) Push off against your left foot to raise yourself back up, resuming your original stance.

4) Switch to your right leg and repeat the lunge motion, then alternate between legs for as many reps as desired.

Lunge Video Demonstration

See how to do a lunge properly VIDEO.

How To Do Arm Circles

1) Face forward, standing straight and tall with your chest lifted and shoulders back.

Look ahead, fully extend your arms straight out to your side.

2) Raise your arms straight out at your sides, forming a “T” shape with your body, and hold your arms steady in place.

3) Rotate both of your arms forward to form circular motions in the air, making sure not to hold your breath while you perform the movement.

Each circle should measure about 1 foot in diameter.

4) After a 30-second interval, keep your arms in place, and rotate them backwards, performing the same motion in the opposite direction.

Once you have completed another interval, rest and then begin again, alternating the direction each time.

How To Do Toe Touch Crunches

1) Lie face up on an exercise mat and bring your arms overhead, resting them on the ground above you.

2) Raise your legs straight up until your body forms a 90 degree angle, with your knees straight and your feet pointing towards the ceiling.

3) Lift your head and torso part way up, reaching with your arms towards your toes, and elevating your hips slightly off the ground.

If needed, you can support your neck with one hand at the back of your head.

4) After reaching towards your toes, return to the starting position, and then repeat the movement for the desired number of reps in small, continuous pulses.

How To Do Swimmers Exercise

1) Lie on your stomach on an exercise mat, keep your legs stretched out behind you, and reach your arms straight out in front of you.

2) Lift your chin slightly, and raise your legs and arms up into the air, leaving an inch or two of space above the mat.

3) Start by lifting your right arm and left leg at the same time, then lower them as you switch, lifting your left arm and right leg simultaneously.

4) Alternate the motion back and forth, performing a “swimming” motion for as many reps as desired.

How To Do Twisting Frog Jumps

1) Begin by facing forward, holding your shoulders back and keeping your arms at your sides.

2) Twist to the right and perform a squat, leading with your hips, and keeping your knees above your toes.

3) When you reach the bottom of the squat, spring upwards into the air, towards the left while in mid-jump.

4) Land softly on your feet, now facing the left. Perform another squat jump, switching and turning back towards the right.

5) Repeat the sequence as many times as desired, with each squat jump counting as a rep.



Print The 25 Minute Workout PDF Below

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